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  1. The name of the Society shall be "The Gowertonian Society".
  2. The objects of the Society shall be:
    1. To foster the feeling of fellowship among its members.
    2. To keep alive the interest in the school of old pupils.
    3. To actively further the welfare of the school.
    1. Membership shall be open to all old pupils of the school, the Head and members of staff, past and present.
    2. The Society shall hold the right to elect honorary life members.
    1. Subscription shall be a matter for decision by the Executive Committee.
    2. The financial year shall end on the 31st of December.
    1. The Governing Body of the Society shall be the Executive Committee which shall consist of not more than twenty member elected annually.
    2. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual General Meeting.
    3. The Executive Committee shall have powers to co-opt from among members of the Society and to appoint sub-committees.
    4.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times a year and also at the discretion of the Chairman and the Secretary.
    5. The quorum for Committee meetings shall be five.
    6. Accounts shall be audited annually.
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the Summer Term.
    2. Notice of the  Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members at least seven days beforehand.
    3. Resolutions shall be passed by a majority vote.
    4. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be eight.
    5. The Society shall appoint annually at the General Meeting:
1. The President 5. Hon. Treasurer
2. Vice-Presidents 6. Hon. Secretary
3. Hon. Chairman 7. Hon. Asst. Secretary
4. Hon. Vice-Chairman 8. Hon. Membership Secretary
  9. Hon. Auditor
  1. Any notice of motion for the Annual General Meeting shall be delivered in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.
  1. Agenda for the A.G.M. shall be:
    1. Minutes of the last General Meeting
    2. Matters arising from the minutes
    3. President's address
    4. Chairman's report
    5. Secretary's report
    6. Treasurer's report
    7. Election of Officers and Executive Committee members
    8. Motions of which due notice has been given
    9. Any other business, at the discretion of the Chairman.
  2. The Constitution
    1. No change to the Constitution shall be made except at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the specific purpose
    2. Notice of this meeting shall be given to all members at least 14 days before the date of the meeting
    3. Details of any proposed change shall be signed by 5 members, delivered to the Hon. Secretary in writing and included in the notice of the meeting
    4. Changes in the Constitution shall not be made unless passed by a majority of two thirds of the members present at the meeting.

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