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The Memorial Plaques and Book of Remembrance are on view at the Gowerton Comprehensive School
Memorial Plaque
Remembrance Book
Roll of Honour
Memorial Plaque: World War 1 (1914-1918)
Memorial Plaque: World War 11 (1939-1945)

The Unveiling Ceremony
took place in the
School Assembly Hall
at 3pm
Saturday, July 4 th, 1953


The following pages give the contents of the beautifully lettered and illuminated Book of Remembrance which is part of the memorial, and which will be kept in a carved oak cabinet placed below the plaque in the Assembly Hall of the School.

A Book of Remembrance

Herein are inscribed the names of those Old Gowertonians who lost their lives in World War 1939-45, whether on active service, or otherwise by enemy action, together with the date and circumstances of their death.

May they rest in peace.

Cofnodir yma enwau'r Cyn-Ddisgyblion hynny o Ysgol Sir Dregŵyr a aberthodd eu bywydau yn Rhyfel 1939-45, ai ar faes y gâd, ai ynteu mewn modd gwahanol drwy gynllwyn y gelyn, ynghyd â dyddiad ac amgylchiadau eu marw.

Boed eu hun yn dawel

Eu Haberth nid â heibio

Brief their life, their glory everlasting




David Brinley Isaac. 1932-39
Lieutenant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Killed in Action at El Alamein, March 22nd 1943. Aged 24 years. Lies buried in N. Africa.

William Glenmore Jeffries. 1930-38
Captain of the School. Acting Leading Airman, Fleet Air Arm, R. N. His ship was torpedoed off the Irish coast. There were no survivors. Aged 22 years.


Edward John Clement. 1934-39
Flight Lieutenant, Navigator, Pathfinder Force R. A. F. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross, October 1943. Missing after raid over Germany, November 1943. Aged 23 years. Lies in British Cemetery at Bad-Jolz, Durnbach, Germany.

Iorwerth Evans. 1930-37. B.A.
Signalman. Royal Corps of Signals. 9th Armoured Brigade Group Signal Squadron. Wounded at Miteiringa Ridge, near El Alamein, and died the following day October 26th, 1942. Aged 25 years. Lies buried at El Alamein.

Peter Griffiths. 1934-41
Captain of the School. Engaged in metallurgical research. Killed by rocket bomb while visiting a friend at Send, near Woking, August 12th 1944. Aged 21 years. Lies buried at Brynteg Cemetery, Gorseinon.

John Idris Lewis. 1911-13
1st Radio Officer, ss ‘Clanmacwhirter’ Torpedoed and sunk near Madeira, West Africa, August 26th 1942. Aged 44 years.

E. C. (Garry) Prytherch Lloyd. 1931-34
Flight Sergeant Pilot. Bombing Squadron R.A.F. Missing when his Lancaster did not return after a raid over Germany, July 7/8, 1944. Aged 25 years.

David Eynon Powell. 1921-28
Royal School of Signals. Died at Townley Hospital, Bolton, February 25th 1942. Lies at Kingsbridge Cemetery. Aged 34 years.

Talfryn John Rees. 1930-35
Sergeant. Royal Horse Artillery. Killed in action, Caen, Normandy, July 4th 1944. Aged 27 years. Lies at St. Manvieu, British Cemetery.

Griffith Trevor Watkins. 1935-39
Warrant Officer. Navigator. No. 203 Squadron R.A.F. Missing August 13th 1945. His aircraft, damaged by enemy fighters, was forced down into the sea near Sebise Island, S.E. Asia. Aged 21 years.



James Black. 1930-35
Gunner. Royal Artillery. 4th Indian Division. Killed near Tobruk, N. Africa, June 20th 1942. Lies near Tobruk. Aged 22 years.


Graham A. Alcock. 1933-40
Sergeant Wireless Operator, Air Gunner. Killed when his Whitley bomber, with one engine shot away, crashed in flames near Thetford, Norfolk while returning from a raid over Germany.


John William Thomas Davies. 1932-39
Sergeant, Bomber Command, R.A.F. Shot down over Cologne, 29th Aug, 1941. Lies buried near Cologne. Aged 19 years.

Oscar Griffiths. 1932-39
Flying Officer, Bomber Command, R.A.F. Shot down while on raid over Germany, Dec. 24th 1944. Aged 24 years. Lies buried near Cologne

Dudley Vaughan Phillips 1928-32. MA., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P
Lieutenant, R.A.M.C. Accidentally killed at a battle school in Scotland, January 4th 1943. Aged 26 years. Lies buried at Llanelly.

Kenneth John Raiswell. 1934-39
Sergeant. Wireless Operator. Bomber Command R.A.F. Killed in action, April 13th 1942. Aged 20 years. Lies buried in the New Cemetery, Amsterdam.

Herbert John Roseblade. 1939- 44
Signaller. Royal Corps of Signals. Accidentally drowned off the coast of Greece, May 21st 1946. Aged 19 years. Lies buried in Athens.

Philip Walter Winter. 1937- 38
Cadet Flying Officer, R.A.F. died as a result of a flying accident during training on April 10th, 1942 at Montgomery, Georgia, U.S.A. aged 21 years.


William Clayton. 1923-29
Sergeant Pilot, 12th Bomber Squadron R.A.F. Missing after a mission over the Ruhr, 8/9th June, 1942. Aged 31 years. Lies buried at Dusseldorf.

Norman Hall. 1933-37.
Flight Sergeant Pilot R.A.F. Killed while on a raid over Germany, February 20th, 1944. Aged 23 years.


David Evans. 1930-36, of Knelston.
Captain of the School. Flight Lieutenant and Pilot, Coastal Command and Atlantic Patrol. Distinguished Flying Cross, for work in sinking submarines. Crashed while instructing at Aldergrove, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, on October 23rd, 1944. Aged 27 years. Lies buried in Aldergrove Presbyterian Churchyard.

Jack Martin. 1931-35, of Murton
Ground Staff, 264 Fighter Squadron in Battle of Britain. Volunteered to go overseas and crashed in a Sunderland Flying Boat in West Ireland, December 21st, 1941. Aged 22 years. Lies buried at Bishopston, Gower.

George Leeson Jones. 1930-34, of Bishopston
Flight Lieutenant, 207 Squadron R.A.F.V.R. Was pilot of a plane that crashed in France, July 16th, 1944 while returning from a bombing raid on Germany. Aged 27 years. Lies buried at Lignieres, France.


Robert George Thorne. 1934-40.
Flight Sergeant R.A.F.V.R. Missing after a raid on Nuremburg, March 9th, 1943. Aged 21 years.


Ivor Llewellyn Thomas. 1927-33
Sergeant, Bomber Command, R.A.F. His plane was brought down over Holland, May 10th, 1940. Aged 24 years. Lies in Municipal Cemetery, Western Hague, Holland.


David John Edwards. 1928-29.
Guardsman, 2nd Batt. Queen’s Royal Rifles. Killed in air raid, June 1942. Aged 27 years. Lies in Watford Cemetery.

Gwyn H. Hughes. 1926- 28
Private. 2nd Batt. Queen’s royal Rifles. Killed in Jerusalem, Dec 24th 1939. Aged 26 years. Lies in Ramleh Military Cemetery.

William Rees John. 1903-09.
Wing Commander, R.A.F., attached Provost Marshal’s Department Air Ministry. O.B.E. Holder of King’s Police medal for conspicuous bravery. Served 21 years in Indian Police Training School, Vellore. Died April 25th, 1946. Aged 55 years. Lies in Brynteg Chapel Cemetery, Gorseinon.

William Henry Mathias. 1937-43
Wireless Operator, 644 Squadron R.A.F. Crashed in Cornwall while on a flight to the Azores, September 14th, 1945. Aged 20 years. Lies in R.A.F. Regional Cemetery, Bath.

Christopher Gwyn Morgan. 1908-13. M.C.
In World War 1914-1918. Captain, West Yorkshire Regiment when he was awardedhis decoration. In World War 1939-45 Lieutenant R.A.S.C. Contracted pneumonia on Salisbury Plain and died in hospital, January 24th, 1941. Aged 41 years. Lies in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

John Humphrey Parry. 1937-40.
Flight Sergeant, R.A.F.V.R. Killed while taking supplies from Italy to Jugoslavia, November 5/6th, 1944. Aged 19 years. Lies in the British Military Cemetery, Belgrade.

Douglas Pewsey. 1932-38
Rear Gunner, 44th Bomber Squadron R.A.F. Killed when his plane crashed in a forced landing soon after leaving his base on a bombing mission, November 14 th, 1940. Aged 20 years. Lies in St. Michael’s Churchyard, Loughor.

Albert John Thomas. 1929- 34.
Sergeant in Bomber Command R.A.F. Missing after a bombing operation over Nuremberg, October 14/15, 1941. Aged 24 years.

James Glyndwr Thomas. 1930-34.
Flight Sergeant R.A.F. Killed at Kemble, Gloucestershire, January 14th, 1943. Aged 24 years. Lies in Kingsbridge Cemetery.

Owen Goronwy Thomas. 1919- 24.
Leading Writer, H.M.S., Charybdis. Lost at sea and presumed killed, October 23rd, 1943. Aged 36 years.

Philip William Williams. 1925-32.
Warrant officer, R.A.F. Killed in an aircraft accident at Dehanu, Bombay, August 17th, 1945. Aged 32 years.


David Garfield Davies. 1931-35
Staff Sergeant. Glider Pilot Regiment. Missing at Arnhem, September, 1944. Aged 25 years.

Gwilym Powell Davies. 1930- 34
Able Seaman H.M.S. Trinidad. Died of exposure while on the Murmansk Patrol. Aged 24 years. Lies in Herman Churchyard, Penclawdd.

Penry Guy. 1933-37.
Pilot Officer, Bomber Command, R.A.F. The Lancaster bomber, of which he was pilot, was hit while over Belgium, June 21/22, 1944. He held it in control for his six comrades to escape, and so lost his own life. Aged 22 years. He lies in the Parish Church Cemetery, Asch, Belgium.

Melvin Harry. 1936-42.
Private, Welch Regiment. Invalided out and died October 2nd, 1946. Aged 22 years. Lies in Parc Hendy Cemetery, Penclawdd.


Graham Davies. 1934-40.
Warrant Officer, R.A.F.V.R. Killed while returning from Caen, Normandy, June 8th, 1944. Aged 23 years. Lies in Rhydgoch Cemetery, Pontardulais.

Philip Edward Davies. 1932-37.
Flight Sergeant, R.A.F. 299 Fighter Squadron. Took off from Benghazi to rejoin his flight on convoy duty, but did not contact them. Presumed lost in the Aegean Sea by enemy action, March 30th, 1944. Aged 23 years.

John Davies Evans (Cross). 1928- 32
Sergeant, No. 9 Bomber Squadron, R.A.F. Killed on duty by his own bomber, October 7th, 1940. Aged 26 years. Lies at All Saints’ Churchyard, Pontardawe.

Glyn Harris. 1935-39.
Aircraftsman R.A.F. Killed when his plane crashed in Canada, March 6th, 1944. Aged 23 years. Lies in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Emlyn Harries. 1928-34.
Sergeant R.A.S.C. Died of malnutrition as prisoner of war in Japanese hands, sometime between the 1st and 14th August, 1944. Aged 28 years. Buried at sea in Manila Bay.

W. Handel Hughes. 1928-34.
2nd Radio Officer, s.s. Wayffer. Torpedoed and sunk off the coast of South Africa, August 19th, 1944. Aged 28 years.

Hilton James Jones. 1932-39.
Flight Sergeant, No. 220 Squadron R.A.F. Did not return from a flight to Norway, October, 1941. Aged 20 years.

Brinley Howard Lewis. 1928-32.
Private in 6th Batt. South Wales Borderers. Killed in action August 5th, 1944. Aged 27 years. Lies in British Cemetery, Selamo, Burmah.

Raymond Maddock Michael. 1928-34.
2nd Lieutenant, 15th Batt. Welch Regiment. Killed accidentally while on duty during movement of troops, August 2nd, 1940. Aged 24 years. Lies in St. Teilo’s Churchyard, Pontardulais.

Evan Henry Richards. 1918-25.
Flight Lieutenant R.A.F. Education Officer. Died in hospital after having been invalided out of R.A.F., August 28th, 1946. Aged 39 years. Lies in Rhydgoch Cemetery, Pontardulais.

Arthur Schroeder. 1930-35.
Sergeant, Royal Marines. Killed in action at Salerno beachhead, September 3rd, 1943. Aged 23 years.

David Glynne Thomas. 1924-31. B.A.
Captain, Royal Marines, Plymouth Division. Killed in landing on Normandy beach head, June 25th, 1944. Aged 33 years.

Douglas Arthur Gwynne Thomas. 1925-26.
Flight Engineer, R.A.F. Missing after night raid, August 2/3, 1943. Aged 31 years.

Leslie Alexander Williams. 1929-33.
Flight Sergeant R.A.F.V.R. Bomber Command. Killed over Belgium when air gunner of a Lancaster bomber, January 5th, 1945. Aged 28 years. Lies in British Cemetery, Holton, Belgium.

Ronald H. Yerbury. 1932-34.
Serving with Australian Forces. Killed in the Japanese theatre of war, 1942. Aged 22 years.


Reginald Owen Clee. 1930-37.
Warrant Officer, No. 256 Night Fighter Unit, R.A.F. Missing July 26/27, 1944. Presumed that his plane touched the water when descending on to an enemy plane off Corsica. Aged 23 years.

Lewis Randolph Davies. 1937-43.
Private 5th Welch Regiment Commandoes. Killed in action at Nijmegen, Holland, September 30th, 1944. Aged 19 years. Lies at Umden, Holland.

Mansel Gwynne. 1927-31.
Flight Mechanic, R.A.F. Killed when his plane crashed in this country, September, 1940. Aged 25 years. Lies buried at Pontlliw.

Graham Wright. 1936-38
Pilot Officer, No 76 Squadron R.A.F. Missing after a bombing attack on Berlin, March 29/30, 1943. Aged 19 years. It is believed that he lies somewhere in Holland.


Brinley Desmond Davies. 1938-37.
Lieutenant, South Wales borderers. Died of wounds, February 11th, 1945. Aged 25 years. Lies at Nijmegen, Holland.

John H. Edmunds. 1938-39.
Private 7th Batt. Worcester Regiment. Killed in action in Burmah, February 22nd 1945. Aged 21 years.

David Brian Long. 1934-38.
Aircraftsman 1, R.A.F. Drowned at Kalafrana, Malta, October 21st, 1941. Aged 19 years.

Memorial Plaque
Remembrance Book
Roll of Honour
The Memorial Plaque and Book of Remembrance are on view at the Gowerton Comprehensive School
Events Diary
Annual Dinners
Golf Days
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