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Please leave a message or suggestion in this guestbook. If you prefer not to have your e-mail address included in the guestbook entry just let us know.

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Name: Trevor Williamson
e-mail address:
Date: 25th August 2019


Ice ages come and go (thanks Mr Jones Of Geography fame for putting that in my head!) but it’s great to see The Gowertonian Society still as strong as ever... am most interested in catching up with the likes of Terry Jones, David Jeffcock, Mike Smith, Owen Davies, Michael Sinnot and the rest of the guys and girls that left in 1975/76.  I left to join the Royal Air Force and lost contact with everyone. 

Trev Williamson


Name: Jakob Gutkowski
e-mail address:
Date: 4th December 2017


I have recently bought Hillard and Botting’s ‘Elementary Latin Exercises’ in a Bernardo’s Book Store in St Andrews, Scotland.

It has a stamp of the Gowerton Intermediate School library, and a name of a student written on the inside - Simone Mesmin.

I was just wondering whether anyone here knows about Simone. She might like her book back!

Jakub Gutkowski

Name: Anwyl Somers
e-mail address:
Date: 5th June 2017


My father DAVID ELWYN EDWARDS born 1904 attended Gowerton School, leaving about 1922 to read Geography and Geology at Swansea University. He was a talented student along with many other notable contemporaries.  He was also offered the chance to join Glamorgan County Cricket but had to turn it down (for financial reasons). He had been taught cricket by the caretaker who was Frank Emery’s (another OG) father. He taught at Witney Grammar School until his retirement. His younger brother Frank was also at the school. He had many happy memories of the excellent teaching at the school.   

Submitted by his daughter Anwyl Somers.


Name: David Henry
e-mail address:
Date: 24th October 2015


Woke up early this morning then, due to depressing Radio 4 content, picked up my tablet and, on a whim, googled my old school. And discovered this brilliant website.

I attended the school from 1960 to 1967: my sister, Mary, attended the Girls' School for a similar period but two years later.

My memories of school life are generally good although the first few days were harrowing. There was a "tradition" then (later suppressed) of the older boys grabbing the younger and "showing them the goldfish". This entailed forcing their head into a toilet bowl then pulling the chain!

Memories of the teaching staff are vivid. Dr (Tom) James was headmaster. He'd formerly been French Master at Dylan Thomas' school in Swansea. The English Master there was Dylan's own father. Dylan felt that he couldn't therefore show his early essays at poetry to his own father so took them to Dr James. Dr James used to thank Dylan then, after he'd left the room, dump the poems in the waste-basket, acts he regretted ever after!

Another Dylan Thomas connection was our English Master, Gilbert Bennet. He'd been a contemporary at Dylan's school (although never a close friend as I understood it) but did go on to found the Dylan Thomas Society.

No-one of my vintage will ever forget the Geography Master (and Deputy Headmaster?) Bill Bowen. He engendered greater respect from us than anyone, a truly remarkable man who has served me, and I daresay many others, as a model of how a man should behave. To give an example: one morning I showed up for class not having done my homework. His reaction was to say "If gold will rust, what then will iron do?" I didn't realise this was a quote from Chaucer until a few years later, but it had it's effect.

Not all Masters were so subtle. This was an era of transition as far as enforcing classroom discipline was concerned. And some of the Masters came from military backgrounds. Our Chemistry Master was a former Commando. No-one, not even the "hardest" boy in the school, Stuart Dunn, challenged him. Our Welsh Master was a former Army boxing champion. One day, before class, I'd wickedly offered Stuart Dunn as many Rich Tea biscuits as he could cram into his mouth, encouraging to push in just one more. This, of course, had the effect of soaking up all his saliva and he had to resort to trying to dig out the biscuits with his fingers. This I found hilarious (schoolboys, eh?) and was still doubled-up with laughter when the Master walked in. He told me to stop but I couldn't whereupon he slapped me in the face. That worked. You wouldn't dream of telling your parents: that would get you another slap at home. But one boy did do so. His name was Kokkala and he irritated our Geography Master so much that the slap he got made him spit blood. This became a cause celebre and the only way the Master could retain his job was by giving the boy a very humiliating apology in front of the class. That ended classroom slaps. Another Master, who'd better remain nameless, used to punish boys by laying them over his knees and slapping their bottoms. He seemed to delight in it, but was never reported as far as I know. It was a very different world.

Another Master I remember well took Latin. At our very first class, he entered the room, perched on the edge of a table and said "My name is Bowler: that's B-O-W-L-E-R, Bowler. I'm here to teach you Latin. Repeat after me 'Amo, amas, amat...".  He, too, was ex-Army and used to have long periods of absence due to recurrent malaria.

Finally, in looking through the list of Notable Gowertonians, you may care to add some of my contemporaries:

Dr Tony Knight (deceased)  Head of Department, Swansea University

Dr Ronald Ratti.  Noted expert on the economics of the world oil trade. Melbourne University.

Dr Gareth Jones.  Sometime Don at Cambridge University then a senior role in MAFF.

For my own part, after a dismal few years in industry, I joined the Civil Service, doing a variety of interesting jobs, before retiring at the grand old age of... 45. Since when I've done a lot of travelling with my good wife, Pat. We now live in Surrey.

If there are any old schoolchums out there who'd like to get in touch, please do so,

David Henry

P.S I should have added Kokkala to my list of notable Old Gowertonians. Despite the slapping incident, he went on to study geology and, I understand, virtually rewrote the geology of Pembrokeshire.

Name: Joanna Gooding
e-mail address:
Date: 2nd August 2015


Helen Iman - if you look in here again get in touch, it would be great to her from you. I have tried the email address you left on here and it keeps coming back to me.

Jo Gooding

Name: Gill Davy-Bowker
e-mail address:
Date: 18th January 2014


Dear all
Has anyone any information on the English teacher Mr Watson (nicknamed Doc Watson) who taught 'O' level at Gowerton Comprehensive School in the late 1970s?
As he encouraged me to 'exploit my talent in writing' when I was a pupil in his class, I now need to enter him in the ' Acknowledgement' section of my novel to be published and on the shelves in May 2014.
I need to know his first name and hopefully obtain his permission to acknowledge him.
I would appreciate any help in this matter as I would also love to hear from any friends who may remember me from school.
Thank you and Best Wishes
Gill Davy-Bowker
(formerly Gillian Davy)

Name: John Samuel
e-mail address:
Date: 17th January 2014


As part of a project for the website of the former Aberdare Boys' Grammar School, where she taught Geography and Geology from 1940-1942, I am researching the life of Miss Dilys Elizabeth Quick. She was born in Aberdare in 1916.

I believe that on leaving the above post in Aberdare, she was appointed to the staff of the Gowerton Intermediate School for Girls.

I know that the Gowerton Girls' Grammar School was founded in 1946 subsuming the Intermediate School.

Later in her career, Miss Quick became the Head of the Geography department at the Swansea Teacher Training College.

Can someone please tell me:

1. Did Dilys Quick transfer to the staff of Gowerton Girls' Grammar School, from the Intermediate School?

2. When did she take up her post at Swansea Training College?

Before her death, she became Dr Dilys Quick. Is there any available information about that later degree?

She died in 2003, aged 87 and her funeral took place at Llwydcoed Crematorium, Aberdare.


John Samuel

Name: Sarah Hunt
e-mail address:
Date: 26th November 2013


Does anyone have any information on DAVID ARTHUR EDWARDS who attended Gowerton Boys Schools between 1948 and 1955, from Grovesend.  He achieved a Welsh Cap for the Under 21s.  He has now passed away and his daughter is desperate for any information that you may have. 

Thank you

Sarah Hunt
Cover Coordinator & Staff Development Administrator
Gowerton School
Cecil Road
Swansea SA4 3DL
Tel: 01792 873461

Name: Jill Morris
e-mail address:
Date: 15th November 2013


Are there any members of your society who remember my husband, BRYAN MORRIS, he is in the school photo 'school prefects 1946/7'. Most of his working life he was with the Metropolitian police,undertaking numerous duties including Royal protection. Also spent several years at the police training college as a tutor. Before  then moving to Essex force. Finishing in the rank of acting Chief Inspector. On retiring from the force he was one of the first in the UK to set up a security system within the NHS. Working with hospitals/ambulance services and health clinics in the Colchester health district.

Bryan will be 85 in January and it would be great to update him about past colleagues.

Thank you for reading this.

Jill Morris Mrs.

Name: J-P Wuyts
e-mail address:
Date: 16th June 2013


Can someone tell me more about Pilot Officer “Penry Guy" who lies in our parish  church cemetery Asch, Belgium.

I found pieces of a Lancaster a few 100 yards from our railway station and want to know if it was his airplane that crashed there.

If so, I want to erect a memorial at that place.


Name: Tom MacCarthy
e-mail address:
Date: 15th May 2013


Please see and scroll down to GBGS ORCHESTRA 1952

This photo is in the music room in Cecil Rd now. We would like to be able to put a few names to the faces.

It’s certainly taken in Talbot Street and I think I can see a trophy shield on the wall that we now use in Awards Night.

Tom MacCarthy
Assistant Head
Gowerton Comprehensive School

Name: Tony John
e-mail address: corgiboy@ntworldom
Date: 28th January 2013


One of those that left in 1966. Started work in RTB Elba works but spent most of my working life in IMI/Timet UK in Waunarlwydd, in the Technical Department. Now retired. Still living in Swansea. Great to see Gowerton school is still going strong. The web sight looks great.


Name: Lucy Meredith
e-mail address:
Date: 18th November 2012


I'm Lucy Meredith Gowerton School 2003-2010. I know I have only just left but I am writing a Dissertation on musicians from Gowerton School, in particular from c1935-1964 under Cynwyd Watkins in Gowerton Boys Grammar school. If anyone has any valuable information about the musical life in Gowerton during this period then I would greatly appreciate any information given. A main focus is Alun Hoddinott, so if any of you are contemporaries or children of them and have extra information it would help greatly.
Many thanks

Name: Philip Davies
e-mail address:
Date: 23rd April 2012


Phillip Davies (aka “Phil Tricks” for falling head-first over the banisters as I slid down them) GBGS 1963 -1970

Just found the site; great to reminisce.

Some great photos and I remember so many old school mates. Martin Hurdidge, Clive Lewis, John Morgan, Mansel Lewis, Gareth Brenton, Phil Matthews, Clive Foote, Roland Hedges and so many more.

After Uni. I qualified as a civil engineer and for the past 18 years I’ve worked for a Japanese Construction Company in Hong Kong on the Airport, and Express Rail-links.

Anyone that remembers me can get in touch by email.

Looking forward to returning home one day.

Name: Derek Robinson
e-mail address:
Date: 20th January 2012


I was at Gowerton 1943-51 and during my school years I lived in Gowerton, Mumbles and Horton.

I am (or can be) in touch with Roy Gwynne, Bishopston (1948-55); Ann Barker nee Harding, Rhossili (1943-51); Derek Williams, Bont (1953-70);

Donald Maddox, Penllergaer (1943-51); Phillip Gwynne, Bishopston (1943-50); Linda Smith nee Bevan, Llangennith (1965-70).

I was Hon Sec of Fiji RFU 1962-76 and have been Chief Veterinary Officer of Fiji, Chief Fisheries Officer of Fiji and Technical Policy Manager (in Agriculture) New Zealand.

Also international rugby referee, Vice-Chairman Fiji Olympic Committee. Manager Fiji Rugby Tour of NZ (1974). Now retired in New Zealand.

Derek has provided photos from the post war period for the website and would be pleased to hear from anyone from his era.

Name:Linka Charters
Date: 21st December 2011


I am delighted to have found this website. I was formerly known as Halina Langner & joined in 1963. I was only there just over a year as we moved to Barnet North London.
I enjoyed my short time at Gowerton, my friend was Susan Morris.
I was the wall in Midsummers Night Dream at my new school & was commended as my accent was very unusual there... I quickly lost it as I didn't want to stand out.
I don't recognize myself in the 64/65 photo, looks like my hair was curly,which it never has been.I do hope this website receives a lot of support, as so much hard work has gone into it.

Name:Morwenna Williams
Date: 12th Oct 2011


My father attended Gowerton Secondary School, and graduated with a CWB School Certificate in 1944. His name was Philip Gwynn James. He had a brother William Alvin James. If anyone has any information about his time at the school or his brother I'd love to hear from you.

Name:Nigel Briggs
Date: 9th Oct 2010


Gowerton Boys' Grammar School from 1960 - 1966.
Strangely, this is the first time I've visited the site since leaving GBGS. I'm collecting info for my family tree and also writing a sort of autobiography....but not for publication!! 
An excellent site with many good photographs that bring back happy memories.
On leaving Gowerton I joined the BP Tanker Co.Ltd. as a marine engineering apprentice. I stayed with BP all my working life and retired in 2002 as Senior Engineer at the Baglan Bay petrochemical complex in Port Talbot where I had worked for 31 years.
Now spend most of my time with my wife, Gwynneth, at our villa near Alicante, Spain.
Would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Name:Dianne Gilfillan (Griffiths) from Three Crosses
Date: 12th August 2010


Gowerton Girls' Grammar School 1953-1960

Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

It was lovely looking at the old photos. I was "One of Miss Basset's girls" and enjoyed my time at school very much. Both my parents were Gowertonians too.  I would love to hear from anyone of my era. Unfortunately not too many are computer literate, but there may be a few! I am still in contact with Mrs Rona Davies who was a stalwart of the Gowertonians.

All good wishes,
Dianne G.

Name:Caroline Harries (nee Buckley)
Date: 30th July 2010


I left Gowerton Comprehensive many years ago! It was a good experience and set me up for my life.  I came across the website by accident but reading it brought back many good memories. Some of the teachers who made a significant impression on my life thank you, Mrs Rona Davies and to many others.

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.

Caroline Harries (Buckley)

Name:Jon Hewson
Date: 27th May 2010


Scholar of low repute from 1954 to 59.

Lived in Bishopston at that time but have been in Dubai since 1981.

Involved in Merchant Navy/Marine disciplines

Jon Hewson  C.Eng., F.Inst.MarEST

Managing Partner             Director
TIMES Marine Survey LLC                     Aalmar Surveys Ltd.
 P O Box 7280                                         Hamalworth House
Sharjah                                                    Lower Ground, 9 St Claire Street
United Arab Emirates                               London EC3N 1LQ, U.K.

Name:John Lansdowne
Date: 9th April 2010


John Lansdowne GBGS 1954-61

8 Nansloe Close


Attended GBGS 1954-61  Member of orchestra (oboe),Rugby ,Cricket.Lived Bishopston until went to do medicine at Guys. Helston since 1969

Name: Peter Mas Mollinedo
Date: 10 Feb 2010


It is almost 30 years since my year I would have left Gowerton, is anyone interested in attending the Gowertonian Society Dinner in OCTOBER 2ND at the North Gower Hotel Llanridian?


Name:Erica Gardzans
Date: 27 Oct 2009


Can't believe that I've just found this website purely by accident! Any of the 1969 intake out there?

Erica Gardzans

Name:Lynda Garratt
Date: 7 Feb 2009


I have been fascinated to rummage through your old photos and find pictures of my mother (Irena Edwards) and uncle (Peter Edwards) in photos from the 50s. I look forward to showing them the website!

Name:M G Dennis
Date: 29 Aug 2008


To all Gowertonians

Please help me to trace those Gowertonians who attended the Intermediate School before January 1940.......and who are still alive. Please enquire of your family. neighbours, old pupils, Email contacts, friends, aquaintances.

Ask them to send me their Email or postal address through you.

Many thanks.

Best Wishes,

Name:M G Dennis
Date: 26 Aug 2008


To All Gowertonians Everywhere........I send my sincere thanks to those of you who have sent me greetings, thanks and congratulations. I will send more news next time.


Name:Margaret Wynne (Morgan)
Date: 23 Aug 2008


I left Gowerton Girls Grammar in 1963 after sitting my O level exams.  It was a wonderful experience going to the Grammar School, I remember Miss Bassett very well and Mr Williams, great teachers all of them.   I am now living in Perth Western Australia, left Wales in 1980.  After school I worked for the National Eisteddfod of Wales and Swansea University before going to Libya to live and work.   I have only the best memories of  the school and speaking Welsh enjoyed all the Eisteddfod competitions.  I still have an embroidered cushion cover which I struggled with in Domestic Science – I think it was Nance Jones who taught us poor lady could never get me to finish things, however I now enjoy embroidery work.  I still have our school photo I think it was done in 1962.  

Margaret Wynne (Morgan)

Name:Lynda Elizabeth Coady
Date: 11 Aug 2008

I am writing to you from Sydney Australia, using my daughters email account.

My name is Lynda Elizabeth Coady (formerly Lynda Elizabeth Williams).  I went to Penclawdd Secondary School in approximately 1959  - 1961.  My father was in the Navy and I went to many schools, however, Penclawdd was my favourite and where I met many friends, I still remember!

I am trying to get in touch with people in my class, however with all the girlfriends I made, their names may have changed by now due to marriage.

I would love an ex-student contact list, or to be put on such a contact list.  I would love the opportunity to attend events that the school may have in order to be put back in contact with some of the people in my class.

I was born in Swansea, however have lived in Australia for 45 years! Swansea holds many special memories for me, and I so want to hold onto them.

Lynda Coady (nee Williams)

Name: Daniel Armand
Date: 16 July 2008
Driven by some mysterious instinct I have just come across your site, and I am extremely grateful to you to keep the memory of the "old school" alive.

During the school-year 1957-1958 I was the French assistant at both the Boys' School and the Girls' School. And here I am now, a retired English teacher, who finished his teaching career at Lycée International in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) in the area where I am now living.
My two remaining contacts with the school have been Archibald WILLIAMS, the Art Teacher, who met his death while holidaying in Italy some years ago, and whom we had met earlier on in Versailles where he and his wife were camping (caravanning to be more precise) on their way back to Wales after a holiday in the sun; and John HARRIS, the Physics Teacher, whom I am still in contact with, he and his wife, still in Dunvant, being deeply attached to France  and keen on French holidays.

A sadder memory is that of our visit to Swansea quite a few years back, when we met Dr T.J. JAMES at his home near Mumbles. Dr JAMES was to depart a few years later. In spite of his very poor health he was deeply moved to see me again. And personally I was, and still am,  most grateful to him to have entertained me a couple of week-ends in his home in the Gower during my year at Gowerton. A kind gesture which made me forget the poor teaching conditions that were my lot at that time: I had to give my conversation classes on the landing just outside the Head's office !!!

Looking at the pictures of the past Head Teachers on your site I can of course recognize Dr T.J. JAMES (who was fond of France and the sea), and if my memory does not fail me, Miss BASSETT who I think was at the Head of the Girls' School at that time; Mr MORSE I can recognize quite well, and more vaguely Mr DANIELS, probably because of his name...

I am delighted to feel that part of me still belongs to your community ,and that somewhere across the sea, not far from the superb Gower coastline which witnessed some of the emotions of my youth, the memory of Gowerton School is still kept alive. May this go on for a long time, as the past always feeds the present.
16 avenue du Château

Name: Pat Miller (Prowse)
Date: 7 July 2008

I remember getting on, what we called the Bont Boys bus, in Grovesend. It was in the mid 40's. I remember Bryan Morris, Rod Morgan and someone who would play the guitar on the way to school. It was great fun.

I have lived in the States, California and Mass. for 40 years but we visit Wales every year.

Nice to see a message from one of the old timers.

Pat Miller (Prowse)

PS Russ Jones was also at school in the 40's. He was a great piano player and played at my wedding reception in 1955.

Name: Stephen Merrigan
Date: 6 July 2008

What an enjoyable read down memory lane, I had a great time at Gowerton School, my Grandmother's house backed on to it, Mrs Eleanor Bevan, Cecil Road, made going to school very easy. 

I've passed on your web address to my mother Margret Knight who is a local Minister in Kent.

Well done to the people who put it together.


Name: Doug Phillips
Date: 14 Jan 2008

I attended the 60th anniversary of the intake of 1946, thanks to contemporaries of mine unearthing me in deepest Hampshire. It was a great evening in Swansea particularly as so many of the intake, male and femal, turned up. Comparisons between H. Bassett and T.J.James as the respective heads of the two schools were inevitable. On balance, T.J was thought to be the more humane!!

I was the only pupil who did not have an excuse for being late, my father was the school caretaker, we lived just inside the front gate, 20 yards from the entry to the junior cloakrooms.

I left in '55 to go to St Andrews University to study medicine, didn't qualify, but had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, working in Europe and the USA. I'm now in touch with Hugh Davies of Gowerton and Wynne Thomas of Grovesend. Both currently living in Cardiff and contemporaries of mine. Hugh did a huge amount of work in putting the 60th anniversary event on.

If there is anyone of the vintage 1946-1955 currently living in the South of England, I'd like to hear from them.

Doug Phillips
PS I remember Rob Evans as a young lad. His father kept the Commercial Hotel in Gowerton, it was there I learned to play darts among other things!

Name: Jill Crestlands
Date: 29 Dec 2007

Bryan Morris, from Pontardulais, left Gowerton 1947. Still very proud of my time at Gowerton with lots of great memories. I have several photographs from those days and will e-mail them at a later date.         

Joined the Metropolitan Police force after leaving the army, retired from the Essex Police and then joined the NHS as a security adviser.   Now live just outside Colchester in Essex, but visit home at the slightest excuse.         

Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. Best wishes to the society for creating the link.

Name: K Hyland
Date: 17 Aug 2007

I wonder if anyone has any information on Milton Firth who appears in the front of the school photograph, form 1A 1928? It is an unusual name and I have been trying to trace a relative with this name for a very long time without success. Please email your reply to

Many thanks.

Name: Andrew Rees
Date: 14 July 2007

My name is Andrew Rees aka krunchie. I would be very grateful if someone out there has a copy of the Gowerton Year Book 80-81. Unfortunately I misplaced my copy many years ago. There is a picture in there of me playing rugby.Doesn't time fly? I would love to see it again.

Name: Clive Jones
Date:10 Jan 2007

I am looking for an old Gowertonian friend that I last saw in 1981 when my father died.

His name was Mark Davies and was with me in Gowerton from 1964-1970. He originally lived close to me in Bishopston then moved to Kittle, after which I heard nothing. I would love to hear from anyone that might know anything about him.

Clive Jones
Tel. 01792 233995

Name: Gerard Howells
Date: 16 May 2006

Great effort by all in creating the web page.
My mother, or should I say Mam, told me about this the other day after reading something in the Evening Post about the site.
I was in Gowerton for just the lower & upper sixth form having come across from Bishopston Comp. This must have been Sept ’81 thru to July ’83.
Now living on the other side in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Gerard Howells.

Name: Andrew Llewelyn-Jones
Date: 6 Feb 2006

My name is Andrew Jones. I have just discovered this website - great effort by all involved. I could only be described as an average student at G.B.G.S but still have fond memories of my time spent there. I attended school from 1968 to 1975 and would love to hear from old classmates wherever you are. I emigrated to Canada in 1985 and I currently head up the agricultural production and research division of Rogers Sugar Ltd in Western Canada. Great to see some of the old photos and I look forward to visiting the website more often.

Andy Jones

Name: Pete Sharp
Date: 31Jan 2006

Well, hello all of you old fogies out there! My name is Pete Sharp and I have just finished browsing through your site. It is really superb. I have a school picture taken in '53 or '54 in my attic which I will dig out and send you a copy. It was so nostalgic just viewing pictures of the old place. Does anyone recall Trigger Roger (Maths), or know of his whereabouts these days? As a troubled schoolboy he helped me through a very difficult time of my life. Not that the rest has been much easier!
Regards H...

Name: Pat Miller
Location: Cape Cod, Mass and California
Date:22 Oct 2005

I can't believe that no-one has sent a message to this site since September. Where are all the old Gowertonians ? And why do the Americans manage to keep people interested in their re-unions year after year while we Welsh people could care less.
Pat Miller --- who left Gowerton in 1948.

Name: Beryl Hughes
24 Aug 2005

My name is Beryl Hughes (Johnson), I was one of three members of the family at Gowerton and left in 1943. My brother Dillwyn is noted as a rugby player his name is spelt with to l's Dillwyn rather Dilwyn. My older brother was Thomas Lorwerth (Lorie). In 1937- 8 all three of us were at the school together.
Did Gilbert Bennett attend as a pupil? he told me that he went to Swansea grammar School and was taught by D.J Thomas the father of Dylan. Gilbert's father worked for the post office in Swansea. I knew Dylan Thomas as my parents had Johnstown connections. Please contact me. 

Name: Pat Miller
Cape Cod, Mass and California
Date: 23 Aug 2005

I had a good friend at Gowerton Grammar called Joyce Pinder. My maiden name was Prowse. Would love to hear from her or any other contemporaries. We were in Gowerton in the 40's so are old -timers.

Name: Leigh Rees
Location: Swansea
Date:  20 Dec 2004

Red through a few profiles on friends re-united not many people know about this site, you can link this site to theirs I believe, there are also some photos on there but not many which is a shame, hope anyone who knows me is ok, and have a nice life, looking back enjoyed myself at school but not at the time, thanks Mr Tanner for pushing me in games.

Name: Alison Hughes
Location: Swansea
Date:  27 Sep 2004

What a great Event the reunion was on Saturday 25 September 2004. Congratulations must go to Bob Evans and his loyal team for surpassing themselves. I look forward to next year BY THE WAY I DON'T LIKE THE NEW HERALDIC SHIELD. WE ARE NOW KNOWN BY THE LAST ONE UNITING THE TWO SCHOOLS AND IT SHOULD STAY

Name: Catherine Thomas (nee Proud)
Location: Pennard, Swansea
Date: 26 Sep 2004

Thoroughly enjoyed the Centenary Dinner last night. Itís definitely going to be an early night for me tonight! Sincere thanks to Robert Evans for all his hard work organising a successful and memorable event.

Name: Roy Morgan
Location: Wendlebury, Oxon
Date: 21 Sept 2004

What a disappointment! None of my schoolmates are on the site. C'mon chaps and lasses.

Name: Gail Stevens
Location: Grove, Oxfordshire
Date: 02 Aug 2004

Left Gowerton Girls in '70 but thanks to the persistence and Sherlock Holmes talents of some of my old friends, made the reunion when we all hit 40 !!! An interesting site that I hope will develop. Normally use Friends Reunited, but this site offers more and the history was great to see. Hope to hear about any future reunions here.

Name: Ian Williams
Location: Washington DC/USA
Date: 27 Jul 2004

I left GBGS in 1973, lived in various parts of the UK, NZ, Australia and now live in Washington DC. I agree with the requests for more pictures and possibly information on the teachers who were around at that time. I also recommend the Friends Reunited site.

Name: Helen McSparron
Location: Gowerton
Date: 21 Jul 2004

Could have more photographs of students past and present. Note from Webmaster - we would be pleased to place any old school photos you may have on this web site. Why not contact me using the link provided.

Name: Mike Jones
Location: Dorchester
Date: 04 Jul 2004

Left the school in 1976 after A levels. Graduated in 1980 and have worked in IT ever since. Currently working for a major defence contractor in the West Country. Married with 2 grown up kids - one studying medicine in Aberdeen, one studying law in Durham. Good to see ROE still going strong. Some great memories of 1st team rugby - Mata Mata & Christchurch touring teams from New Zealand in 1974. Good to see posting from Dorian Marden who I was in class with! Keep up the good work.

Name: Len Stevens
Location:  Swansea
Date: 22 Jun 2004

For many years I see some of the people I was in Gowerton Grammar with and although knew of the Society, never managed to join. Its good to see this website and although in its infancy, I'm sure will grow once it becomes general knowledge with Gowertonions and such. Good site.

Name: Harley Davies
Location: Bexley Kent
Date: 14 Jun 2004

A very impressive Web-site. It is always pleasing to read about Old Gowertonians; perhaps more will be encouraged to participate via this facility. I retired in 1992 after over 40 years in the field of Education: Primary; Secondary; Further and Higher. Unfortunately regular visits to Loughor are few, but I am still a loyal supporter of the Welsh Team--through thick and thin. Kind regards........Harley ( ex "Cross Keys Hotel", Loughor

Name: William Anthony Peebles
Location: Santa Monica, USA
Date: 06 Jun 2004

Since leaving Gowerton (I think it was 1966) I went on to Swansea University where I obtained both B.Sc and PhD degrees. Afterwards I worked for a few years at the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Culham Labs Abingdon near Oxford. I moved to UCLA, Los Angeles in 1976 to work as a research scientist in the Electrical Engineering Dept. I remain there and now head up a research group working on understanding hot fusion plasmas - the "energy of the stars here on earth" I met my wife Ann at UCLA and have two children Carol (24) and Jonathan (15) Carol recently graduated from Princeton and is now studying to obtain here MD and PhD degrees at the University of San Francisco. I have an older brother (Ken who is also an old Gowertonian!) who lives in Dunvant.

Name: Helen Iman
Location: Kent
Date: 10 May 2004

Nice to see Gowerton is still on the map. I have many happy memories associated to my school days. It would be nice to link in with old school friends. I will look in again. Good Luck. Helen Iman

Name: Nick Thomas
07 May 2004

Great to see Gowerton school is still going strong. The web sight looks great, more photographs would be great, and possible links to old friends. Nice to see that R.O.E has still got his finger on the pulse. I had a great time at Gowerton and was hugely influenced by Rob Evans to the degree that I became a teacher, and am now living in Crawley West Sussex. Good luck with the web site, its good to keep in touch

Name: Keran Howell
Location: Pontarddulais
Date: 07 May 2004

Good luck on the web site. Very interesting. It would be good if we could have old school photographs on here as well.

Name: Dorian Mardon
Location: Garden Village
Date: 07 May 2004

Well, perhaps I wasn't the best pupil Gowerton Boys Grammar ever had, but I am interested in the schools history, and its progress(?) since becoming a Comp. I have found the contents very interesting and wish the committee and web designers every success in its work to further develop and maintain the site. I am sure that it will prove of interest to ex-pupils and also to many others who perhaps weren't so fortunate.

Name: Alun Evans
Location: Gowerton
Date: 07 May 2004

An excellent start. Would it be possible, like friends reunited to set up a page where ex students and teachers could link to. They could say what they are doing now etc.

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Name: David Gwynn
Location: Bantwen, Grovesend SA4 8DN
Date: 06 May 2004

Best wishes to you Robert and Co on your new venture on the web

Name: Jerry Lewis
Location: Penllergaer
Date: 24 Apr 2004

Really nice site - best of luck for he future. My Dad is an ex Gowertonian - Bill Lewis - left in 1957. If anybody wants to contact him ask me. Dad is playing golf and looking after grandchildren!! Thanks Dad.

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