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Date: June 2019

Marjorie & Barry
Burry Court
In idyllic surroundings, Gowertonians and friends enjoyed a scrumptious 'Strawberry Tea' with delicious home-made cakes.
Many thanks once again to Marjorie and Barry for a wonderful welcome to their home in Burry Green.

A token of appreciation to Marjorie
from the Gowertonian Society
presented by vice-chair
Ms Elaine Howell



Date: June 2018

Garden Party
Burry Green, Gower

Sunday, 24th June 2018


Many thanks to Marjorie and Barry for the wonderful welcome for Gowertonians and friends to their beautiful home and garden, where we enjoyed a strawberries and cream tea with delicious home-made cakes as we chatted in the glorious sunshine.



Date: July 2014

Garden Party at Burry Court
Burry Green, Gower
Sunday, 20th July 2014



A big thank you once again to
Marjorie and Barry

and many thanks to
Nia for selling raffle tickets
and taking the photographs




Date: June 2012

Garden Party
24th June 2012


Many thanks to Marjorie and Barry for the warm welcome to their home in Burry Green, where we enjoyed a strawberries and cream tea with delicious cakes made by Marjorie and her sister Gillian.

Luckily,the sun was shining and we were able to stroll in the beautiful garden and meet up with Gowertonian friends, many of whom we had not seen since the 1960s.


Mrs Debbie Lloyd, Chair of the Govenors, and her husband,
Alun Jones, Gillian Davies, Catherine Proud, Kay Moody, Elizabeth Evans, Avril Jones, Gillian Lake, Christine Thomas
Wendy McSparron,
Christine Moses. Betty Protheroe, Jean Richards, Wendy Caswell, Janice Jenkins, Irene Davies,
Marjorie Davies, Rona Davies, Barbara Jones, Valmai Gronow, Elaine Howell.




Date: August 2009

I recently went to visit Miss Miller at Parkway Care Home, Sketty, where we spent a lovely afternoon. She seemed to be delighted to find I had used my interest in geography during my career, from journey planning in Bass to crime analysis for the Police. She was pleased to hear and that I had been on a course in geographical profiling in Charleston Carolina  which was an amazing experience including a speed chase with dog handler!

She was also pleased that I had helped in a film on mapping crime for Open Learning for BBC Wales, aimed at 15 year olds. It was all quite tame stuff but it pleased her to hear about it. She was pleased that I had used my geog in real occupations. We relived the lessons on glaciation and she recalled how she loved to come into the room and draw a circle on the board that represented the world. I spoke to her about winds and how she used the black globe and spun it as we drew winds south to north and got south westerlies.


I am sure if anyone else wanted to call there to see her you would be very welcome.

She doesn’t seem to have altered much since school and would love a visit. Telephone number for the home is 01792 201060.

Beth Carlisle (née Edwards)


Date: 21st August 2009

L to R: Eira Griffiths, Enid Bowen, Ann Davies, Valmai Gronow, Verna Jones,
Glenys Rees and Susan Evans

After a reunion lunch at Morgans Hotel in Swansea, the 'old girls' in the photograph decided to make this an annual event. If you were in their year group and would be interested in joining them next year, please contact the website or ring Val Richards on 01792 203090.


Date: 3rd April 2009



Mr Owen Hughes has become the first Honorary Life President of the Gowertonian Society. This title was bestowed upon Owen, the longest serving member of the committee, at a meeting of the executive committee on 3rd April 2009 at the Greyhound Inn, Llanrhidian.


Honorary Life President, Mr Owen Hughes


Tributes were paid by the President, Mrs Ann Borthwick, and by the guest speaker, Mrs Rona Davies, who eloquently outlined the history of the Gowertonian Society and spoke of Owen's exceptional commitment and service to the society over many years. Robert Evans, Chairman of the Gowertonian Society sent a message of congratulations and best wishes.



Mrs A Borthwick, Mr O Hughes and Mrs R Davies


Date: 5th December 2008

On Friday 5th December the committee of The Society met at The Greyhound Inn, Oldwalls, Llanrhidian for a combined Xmas Dinner/ Presentation.




The Society was delighted to recognise the outstanding services of Rona Davies to the committee over a very long time.


Rona with a bouquet from the Gowerton Comprehensive School




This was to be coupled with a presentation to Tony Small for his Outstanding Service to the Community.


Tony receiving the award from Robert, GS Chairman


Robert introduced the after dinner proceedings briefly, then asked Owen Hughes, a long standing friend of Rona, to pay the first tribute. This was followed by an impressive tribute to Rona in verse, composed and delivered by Valmai Richards, another close friend to the retiree. The Society presented Rona with a Royal Doulton bowl. Rona responded in her usual warm way.

Lynne Guy paid the main tribute to Tony, once again in verse to which he responded with gratitude.      

The Society is grateful to the management and staff at the Greyhound for the excellent cuisine and ambience.

Robert Evans, GS Chairman


Date: 4th July 2008

Lynda Ganatsiou (née Jones), a 1960s GGGS pupil who has been living in Greece for over 30 years, met up with some of her former teachers and her school friend, Catherine (Proud), at a reunion lunch at the Dolphin Hotel, Swansea on Friday, 4th July.

Many thanks to Lynda for the interest she has shown in the Gowertonian Society and her contribution to the website 'Forum'.

To read more about Lynda and her life since leaving Gowerton School, please go to our Dispatch Box.


Back Row: Mrs Ena Davies, Lynda Ganatsiou, Mrs Eirwen Davies
Front Row: Miss Gronow, Catherine (Proud), Mrs Rona Davies.



The Long-Awaited Reunion

Venue: The Dolphin, Swansea. Guest of honour: Lynda Ganatsiou, née Jones

Yes, in spite of her doubts about treading Swansea pavements, she did turn up.

My last close contact with Lynda was in June 1968 when she sailed away with an ‘O’ level in French. Quiet in class, I can’t remember her ever uttering one word in French. A Pontardulais girl, she was happier chatting in Welsh and she formed a friendly relationship – as usually happens in small ‘A’ level classes, - with Mrs Eirwen Davies.

Since joining the Forum, Lynda and I have exchanged countless emails in English and Welsh, but never in French (which doesn’t say much for my skills as a teacher).

Forty years on, our Lynda entertained her former teachers and fellow GGGS pupil with a fascinating account of her life in Greece with her Greek husband and son and daughter, now grown-up. She relived many of the scraps she got into while at GGGS, usually with her fellow pupil, Noelyn. Of course, the escapades were always instigated by Noelyn, though Lynda often got the blame. (Noelyn, if you read this, you have the right of reply.)

Lynda is competing in the National Eisteddfod and we wish her well. However, as a product of Pontarddulais and Gowerton, she may not be able to bring herself to use the current fashion for expletives.

Lynda! Don’t leave it too long before you come again; some of us may not be around next time. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Ena Davies


Date: May 2008


Friends Reunited

When some of the members of the 1968-70 A Level French group met at the home of their teacher, Mrs Ena Davies, in October 2006 they found that none of them was still in contact with Pauline Armstrong or knew what had become of her. However, about a year later Catherine noticed Pauline's name on 'Friends Reunited' and contacted her. Since then they have been exchanging emails and family photos. Pauline has lived in California for many years. She is married to Elwyn, from Neath, and has a son and a daughter and four grand-daughters.

Recently Pauline came to Wales to visit her mother and she and Catherine took the opportunity to meet for coffee in Mumbles, 38 years after they took their A Levels and left GGGS.

Pauline and Catherine are also standing next to each other in the A Level French group photo, which is at the bottom of the GGGS Group photos page.

Catherine Thomas (née Proud)


Date: 10th April 2008

Awards Evening at School

Mr Harrison kindly invited The Gowertonian Society Executive Committee to the Annual Awards Evening for students who are in the present Year 11,12 and 13 as well as those who left in July 2007 and who now pursue their education in colleges and universities around the country and elsewhere. The event was held 10th April in the school hall.     

Events like this can be long and drawn out but the organisers have perfected the art of brevity without detracting from the objectives of the evening.

Mr Harrison spoke about the talent that existed in his school in both the pupil and staff bodies but emphasised that without teamwork the obvious success the school was responsible would not be possible.He also praised the parent body for their contribition to the schools success.

The presentations were split into 3 parts:

  • Examination success
  • Internal Faculty success
  • High Profile Awards donated by prominent former pupils and others

Of particular interest to The Society was the award of the Memorial Award to recognise Outstanding Contributions to the school by pupils in their final year. This year the recipients were Samantha Beynon and James Wedlake.

The programme of presentations was punctuated by musical items performed by senior pupils which were much appreciated by the audience.

Committee members present were grateful for the opportunity to attend the occasion.

Robert Evans, GS Chairman, presented the Gowertonian Society Memorial Award.

The Gowertonian Society also present their Centenary Award to suitable applicants who aspire to involve themselves in projects and initiatives which benefit the school in some way. The award is in monetary form.
The awards for 2006- 2007 were made to the following:
  • Abigail Jeffreys and Zoe Evans-Noot to fund their visit to Ireland to take part in the National Irish Dancing Championships.
  • Year 9 students to help fund their environmental project to improve the surrounds of the school buildings.
  • Art group involved in printing and animation.
If there are Gowertonians who would like to add to the Society Award please contact Robert on 01792 873804 or 08700637347 or


Date: 4th April 2008

The Society wished to show their appreciation for the support they have received from Gowerton School over the past years, especially to two ladies Lynne Bowen and Gloria Evans who have worked in the school office and have been directly responsible for helping the Society to function efficiently.
The ladies concerned have recently retired and the Society thought it appropriate to have a dinner at Llwyn Hall Country House to say 'Thank You' to them.

Most of our executive committee and their spouses were able to attend as indeed were our chief guests Lynne and Gloria.


The meal was excellent, the atmosphere 'Gowertonian' and  the objectives achieved. Robert spoke briefly as coffee was being taken to thank Lynne and Gloria for their support over many years and to wish them good health and happiness for the future.

The Society presented the retirees with inscribed plates made especially for our group by Malcolm Griffiths a well known Carmarthenshire potter. Bouquets of flowers were also presented.

Robert Evans, GS Chairman


Date: 17th March 2008

The Committee of The Gowertonian Society were guests of Peter Harrison,the Headmaster.It was a most enjoyable experience.

The first half comprised choral items by all 7 Partnership Schools in The North Gower Group.......The young children aged between5 and 10 performed beautifully under the watchful eye of their teachers.

The second half of the concert peformed by pupils, staff and guest artists was a mixture of choral,instrumental and individual performances ranging from music from the shows to serious items of music all performed by talented people of a wide age range.The highlight of the concert was a trumpet solo by Gareth Small who played a piece composed and conducted by Karl Jenkins.

Miss Kath Lawlor,Head of Music is to be congratulated on putting together a public performance of a very high standard.

Peter Harrison spoke briefly at the end of the importance of 'Partnerships' so necessary if children were to benefit from their time in school.He thanked staff, parents and children for helping to make the partnership between Primary and Secondary education in North Gower work.

Robert Evans, Chair


Catherine Thomas (née Proud) wrote:

I attended the concert in the Brangwyn Hall last night. Val, you missed a treat! I thought it was such a lovely idea getting all those pupils, former pupils, including Robert, who sang with the choir, and even FUTURE pupils together in one concert. In the first half, choirs from the 'feeder' schools performed. They sang beautifully in English and Welsh and were all a credit to their teachers.

I won't go into too much detail. I am hoping there'll be something on the School's website and/or the press. There was certainly a photographer very busily at work! I just want to tell you a little about what was, for me, the highlight and most moving part of theevening: the brass band composed of past and present pupils of Tony Small. One of their items was conducted by its composer, none other than Karl Jenkins himself with Gareth Small (Tony's son) playing the trumpet solo. Tony is retiring after (I think) 43 years teaching at Gowerton.He was presented with a large, framed photo of the school orchestra when he and Karl were pupils.



Date: 19th December 2007

The Society was invited to special 'Presentation Assembly' on Wednesday 19th Dec. Robert Evans [Chair], Ann Borthwick [President] and Dave Borthwick [Executive] represented the Society.

The pupil body were members of Year 7 and 12 along with their form tutors. Mr Tom MacCarthy [Management Team] led the assembly which took the form of a Xmas Carol Service.

Robert spoke briefly about the School Production and how impressive it was and how delighted he was to help sponsor the sound and lighting costs with £800. He also told the young assembled group of the pride the society had in the pupils who contributed positively to events organised by the school.

Mrs Debbie Lloyd [Chair of Governors] spoke about the contibution even the younger pupils in school were making to the life of the school and how impressed she was with the way they had settled in at Gowerton since September.

Xmas carols were sung during the service and Mr MacCarthy read a Psalm and read The Christmas Story to the pupils.

The goup representing the Society was very impressed by the attitude demonstrated by the pupils attending the assembly.

The Society would like to thank Mr Peter Harrison and his staff for their codial welcome.

Robert Evans, GS Chairman


Date: 3rd December 2007

Opening of the New Science Block at the Gowerton Comprehensive School

New Science Block


The Gowertonian Society was invited to attend the Grand Opening of the New Science Block at the Cecil Rd site.


Mr Peter Harrison welcomed members of various Community Organisations which included The Welsh Assembly, The Local Education Authority, The Gowerton Community Council,The County Council, The Schools Board of Governers and The Gowertonian Society.

The opening ceremony was performed by The Lord Mayor of Swansea, Mrs Susan Waller who coincidentally taught at the site in The Girls' Grammar School in 1965. Mrs Waller spoke of her immense honour and pleasure at returning to the school.

Left to right: Mr Peter Harrison(headteacher), Mrs Lynne Guy(secretary)
Mr Robert Evans (chairman), Lord Mayor of Swansea, Mrs Susan Waller,
Mrs Ann Borthwick(president), Dr Alun Jones, Mrs Rona Davies,
Mr David
Borthwick, Mrs Val Richards.

Science Lesson


There followed a conducted tour of the two storey building to watch lessons being taught in the State of The Art laboratories equipped with modern scientific equipment.



Mrs Debbie Lloyd, Chair of Governors thanked The Lord Mayor for gracing the event with her presence and there followed a wonderful buffet tea in the school library.

The Society was represented by Robert Evans[Chair], Ann Borthwick[President], Lynne Guy[Secretary], Rona Davies, Valmai Richards and Dr Alun Jones

Robert Evans, GS Chairman


Date: 27th/28th/29th November 2007

Gowerton School Musical Production: Famous for 5 minutes

Famous for 5 MinutesThe school continues to produce music and drama events of a very high standard. As a Society we have been able to support these ventures financially for the last few years. This year we contributed significantly to the installation of the sound and lighting effects thanks in the main to profits accrued from the annual dinner, membership contributions and donations from past pupils. If there are former pupils who benefited from being part of the Performing Arts Faculty while they were at school they may wish to contribute financial support for next years production by sending cheques to me at 1 Talbot Green, Gowerton, Swansea.SA4 3DH. Contibutions will be added to our 'Support for School' account.


This years production was entitled 'Famous for 5 minutes' and was an energetic, colourful and vibrant selection of music, drama and dance from Fame, Annie, Godspell, High School Musical, Chorus Line and Hairspray.

The children involved were aged from 12 to 18 and derived obvious enjoyment from their own performances as did the audience and members of our Gowertonian committee.

Teaching staff responsible for the show were Ann Smith, Lis Roberts, Kath Lawlor and Lisa Nickolds from a drama and music perspective respectively, but as ever many other supporting staff helped to make the event a resounding success.

Robert Evans, GS Chairman


Date: 27th March 2007

Gowerton School Senior Awards Evening

Mr Peter Harrison with some members of the GS Committee
Mr Peter Hughes, Miss Chloë Guy, Mrs Lynne Guy, Mr Peter Harrison (Headteacher), Mrs Rona Davies
Mrs Ann Borthwick, Mr David Borthwick, Mrs Val Richards.


Date: 19th December 2006

Gowertonian Society's Farewell to Mr Paul Green

Mr Paul Green with Commemorative Plate At a meeting at Gowerton Comprehensive School on Tuesday, 19th December 2006, Miss Chloë Guy, on behalf of the Gowertonian Society, presented Mr Paul Green with a commemorative plate, marking 16 years of dedicated service to the school.
Mrs Anne Borthwick (President) and Mr Robert Evans (Chairman) and other members of the GS Committee expressed our thanks to Mr Green for his sterling work and inimitable style as headmaster, his involvement with the Gowertonian Society, his help and support at all times and for the warm welcome he has always extended to us at Gowerton School functions. We all wish him a happy, healthy retirement.
Mr Paul Green and GS Committee Members
Left to right: Mrs Marjorie Stubbings, Mrs Julie Thomas, Mrs Lynne Guy (Secretary), Mr Paul Green ( Headmaster), Mrs Val Richards( Treasurer),
Mrs Anne Borthwick (President), Mr David Borthwick, Miss Chloë Guy , Mr Peter Hughes, Mr Robert Evans (Chairman)
Seated: Mrs Rona Davies, Mr Owen Hughes( Vice-Chairman)


(Many thanks to Mrs Rona Davies for preparing the buffet)


Date: 23rd, 27th, 28th November 2006

Gowerton School Production
The Gowertonian Society Committee would like to congratulate Mr Paul Green, headmaster of the Gowerton Comprehensive School, his staff and all the pupils who took part in this year's Musical Extravaganza on their success.
The Society was very pleased to be able to support this event financially by providing the sound equipment used for the production.
We would like to thank Mr. Green for all the help and support he has always given the Gowertonian Society and for the warm welcome he's always given the committee at school functions. We wish him all the very best in his retirement.



Date: 22nd October 2006

1970 A-level French Group Reunion

Ena's message to the 'Old Girls' who were at the reunion:
Merci, anciennes élèves, devenues dames élégantes et charmantes, d'une journée inoubliable.  Le soleil manquait mais vos sourires ont inondé mon salon de lumière.  Y aura-t-il d'autres réunions pour d'autres années? Ena.
Noelyn, Val, Ena, Christine and Catherine
at Plas-y- Môr , 22nd Oct. 2006.
Merci du bon accueil, Ena.
(Photography by Noelyn’s husband, Tony)
A-level French Class Reunion
Noelyn wrote:
French Flag On Sunday 22nd. October 2006, Madame Ena Davies extended a very warm welcome to Christine, Catherine and Noelyn at her beautiful home, Plas-Y-Môr, in Burryport. We were all delighted that Mrs. Valmai Richards was also present, on this memorable occasion.
We began with a toast of “Bubbly” to mark the occasion which was then followed by a delicious roast beef lunch, washed down with excellent red wine, all prepared by our wonderful hostess and chef, Ena.
“Merci beaucoup, Madame, c’était merveilleux!”

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