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Gowerton County School Photos


Gowerton County School Groups

Headmaster, Mr Williams
Head Boy, Frank Griffiths and Head Girl, Eirlys Thomas
1928: Form 1A
Form 1A 1928
Back Row: ? Hughes, Gwilym Jenkins, Merlyn Davies, Ellis Bassett, Handel Hughes, Hedley Griffiths,
Fred Dyer, Mervyn Ball, William ?, W Housego, ? Bevan
Middle Row: Miall Davies, Eirwyn Davies, Emlyn Harries, Gerald Davies, Islwyn Haycock, Miss Harwin,
Herbert Griffiths, Mel Hopkins, Daniel Davies, E L Jones, Vivian Hayes
Front Row: John Humphries, Milton Firth, Haydn Davies, Douglas Firth, Islwyn Hopkins, Handel Davies,
D A Jones, (?), J A K John, Tom Hopkins
1928/29: Form 1B
Back Row: Gertie Eynon, Eira Edwards, Edith Jones, Nellie Dunman, Rita John, Marion Jones, Muriel James,
Eira Jones, Mildred Mary Evans, Margaret Hughes, Heiddwen Jones, Marion Jones
Middle Row: Beryl Christopher, Vilna Elias, Gladys Beynon, Nancy Jones, Mair Jones, Miss Thomas,
Gwenda Edwards, Mary Jones, Gwyneth Jenkins, Gwladys Gough, Gwen John
Front Row: Myfanwy Howells, Hilda Gronow, Marion Evans, Lillas Howells, Mary Davies, Frances Carpenter,
Amelia Herbert, Megan Bridgewater, Betty Brown, Ceri Bridgewater
1928: Form Group
Front Row: Eunice Mabel Lewis 2nd and Maisie Williams 3rd from right
From left: 3rd Oscar Griffiths, 5th Elwyn Griffiths
1928/29: Form 5b
Front Row: Tydfil Rees, Claudia Davies, Thora Williams, Vira Clement, Beryl Evans, Nesta Jones, Megan Evans
Katie Brake, Bessie Williams, Lillian Wood
Middle Row: Nancy Jones, Betty Rice, Violet James, Mary Thomas, Edna Jenkins, Mr W Roberts, Mary Walters,
Chrissie Lewis, Gwyneth Anthony, Phyllis Williams, Myra Phillips
Back Row: Ettie Langlois, Marjorie Thomas, Nesta Lewis, Julia Evans, Dora Davies, Denise Rees, Mary Jones,
Dilys Halfpenny, May Bowen, Peggy Howells, Bessie Thomas, Bessie Aubert.
1928: Sixth Form Group
1930: Mrs Elliott and Nevie
Mrs Elliott, teacher, with Nevie, a 5th form pupil
1931: IVth Formers
Eileen Davies and Olga Joshua
in the school grounds
1932: Form 5b
Back Row: Megan Griffiths (second from right)
1932: Form 5
Front row, centre: Marian Walters
1932/33: Form 5b

Back Row: Gwyneth Thomas, Nellie Dummer, Agnes Haines, Vera Watkins, Thelma Preston, Irena Powell,
Mildred Mary Evans, Gwyneth Jenkins, Rene Walters, Avis Webb, Lillas Howells, Phyllis Haines
Middle Row: Mair Jones, Maisie Williams, Peggy Davies, Olga Joshua, Miss Samuel, Mildred Holson,
Olwen, Rosamund Williams, Dora Simpkin, Winifred Williams
Front Row: Hilda Gronow, Megan Morgan, Ogwen Davies, Helen Harries, Mary Davies, Martha Williams,
Myfanwy Howells, Glenys Guy, Betty Evans, Gwyneth Humphreys

1934: VIth Form Group
Front Row Centre: Eileen Davies
1935: VIth Form Group
1935: VIth Form Group
Back Row: (?), (?), Evelyn Griffiths, (?), (?)
Front Row: Bryn Thomas, W.T.H. Davies, J. V. Hayes.
Headmaster and Staff 1930s
Form Group 1936
3rd Row: 2nd from right, Elwyn Evans
Front Row (seated): 2nd from right, Brynmor Grenfell
Front Row: 2nd from left, Penry Guy; 3rd from left, Aneurin Howells
Panoramic Photograph 1938
Please click on the photograph to enlarge it
Form Group (1) 1939
Form Group (2) 1939
Evelyn Davies, Betty Francis, Megan Evans, Ray Griffiths, Enid Davies, Mary Davies, Maisie Elden, Eirwen Bowen
Meriel Evans, Nina Beynon, Joan Davies, Mrs Thomas, Dr James, Annie Harries, Barbara Hadland
Phyllis Williams, Greta Beynon, Menna Davies, Anita Jones, Betty Morgan, Anne Grenfell

Why not send in your old school photos with any details such as year, class, any names etc.?
Contact the Society using the 'contact us' link provided.
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Gowerton County School Groups

Boys' Grammar School
Girls' Grammar School
Comprehensive School

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