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Gowerton Boys' Grammar School Photos

Boys' School Groups

Rugby Team 1941/42

Gowerton ATC Football Team  1942

1942 Gowerton Grammar School ATC Football Team

1943/44 Cricket Team
1944/45 Cricket 1st X1
1944/45 Cricket 1st X1
Back Row: M Davies, B Morris, D Powell, (?), K Thomas, G Stevens, J Trussler, W Bowen, Sports Master
Front Row: M Buy, L Jones, L Jenkins, , S Ryder (Deputy Head), W Gough, Dr James (Head), W Davies,
E Williams,L Gazzi.

1944/45 Tennis Team
1944/45 Tennis Team

Back Row: B.Morse, H Davies, K Rees, C Richards, O Penry
Front Row: D.Powell, J Adams, W Davies, Dr James, L Jenkins, C.Rees, B Morris

1944/45 Gowerton County A Team
1944/45 Gowerton County A Team
1944/45 1st Rugby XV
1944/45 1st Rugby XV
Back Row: M Davies, W Gough, D Powell, H Thomas, J Trussler, J Phillips, W Davies, H Davies, E Wiliams,
J Malliphant, W Bowen
Middle Row: K Thomas, L Jones, S Ryder, S Rees, Dr. James, L Gazzi, B Harry, H Richards
Front Row: B Morris, W Davies
School Cricket Team 1944/45
School Rugby Team 1945/46
Included in the photograph: Mr Morien Davies, Vernon Jenkins, Rod Morgan David Powell, John Maliphant, Mr Bill Bowen
Colin Wooley, Brian Morris, Mr Ryder, Gwyn Walters (Captain), Dr James, Brian Harry
Lewis Jones (lower front row, right)

School Rugby XV 1946/47

Included in the photograph: Dr James, Mr Gilbert Davies, Mr Jack Thomas, Mr Watkins, Mr Morien Davies,
Louis Gazzi (Captain), Lewis Jones, Harry Richards, David Powell, Owen Hughes, Rod Morgan, Bryan Harry

School Athletics Team 1947
Glamorgan County Champions 1947
School Cricket XI 1947

School Rugby Squad 1948/9

Back Row: Byron Davies, ? Hughes, Malcolm Jenkins, ??, Mike Steward, ??, Lawrence Griffiths,
Middle Row: ?? , Gwilym Ball, Don Maddox, ??, ??, ??, John Gwynne (Gowerton), ?? ,
Front Row: Dickie Arnold, Billy Vaughan, Mr B. Bowen, Alan John, Dr T. James, Brynmor Evans, Ken Jones,
In front: ??, Derek Robinson.

School Rugby XV 1948/9

Back Row: (?),(?),(?),(?),(?),(?),(?), Owen Hughes, (?), Dicky Hughes, Mr Gilbert Davies
Front Row: Bill Vaughan, (?), Mr Bill Bowen, Harry Richards (Captain), Dr James, (?), Ron Long
In front: Onllwyn Brace, (?)

School Rugby XV 1949/50
1940s 1960s 1970s
Mr Ieuan Williams and Badminton Team 1950
Badminton Team 1950
Tennis Team 1951
Back Row: Derek Francis, Colin Evans, J P Evans, Sam G Thomas, D Walters, Alan John, J Pinder
Front Row: Bryn Evans, David Powell, Byron Davies, Alun Davies, Huw Phillips, D Davies, Onllwyn Brace
School Rugby Team 1951
Back Row: Brian Williams ( Rocky ), Derek Robinson, Ioan Davies, Melbourne Thomas, Ieuan Davies ( Ship ),
Middle Row: Mr. Gilbert Davies, Peter Evans ( Parch ), Christopher Davies, Lyn Richards, Denver Warren,
Pat Laverty, Gwilym Owen, David Mathias Jone , Mr Jack Thomas,
Seated: Islwyn Lewis ( Cwmdulais ), John Gwynne, Alun John, Mr Bill Bowen, Onllwyn Brace,
Wynne Hughes ( Dickie ), Donald Maddocks, Gwynne Harry
Front Row: Brian Lewis ( Spider), Brynmor Evans ( Wedge), Ken Jones
School Cricket Team 1951
Back Row: Bruce Porter, Arthur Peplow, Melbourne Thomas, D. Davies, John Davies Denver Warren, Geraint Francis, (?), Roy Campell
Front Row: Christopher Davies, Lyn Richards, Alun John, Onllwyn Brace, Mr Bill Bowen, Brynmor Evans, Trevor Smith
Glamorgan School Championship 1954/55
Lyn Jenkins, Maindy Stadium, Cardiff
Rugby 2nd XV 1955/56
Wynn Lewis, (?), Howard Thomas, Roger Parmee, ? Attwood
(?), (?), (?),(?),(?), Haydn Thomas, Peter Haywood
John Evans, Huw Jones, Mr Bill Bowen, (?), (?), (?), Peter Lansdowne
Howard Davies, Gareth Daniel, I Thomas
Rugby XV 1956/57
Mr Thomas, Peter Lansdowne, (?), (?), Howard Thomas, ?Attwood, Roger Parmee, Huw Jones, Mr Davies
(?), David Rees, (?), Mr Bill Bowen, Eric Richards, Roger Parker, Quentin Lewis, Wyn Davies, (?)
Martin Jones, Wynn Lewis, Gareth Daniel

1956 Athletics Team

Athletics Team 1956

Cricket Team 1956/57
Cricket Team 1957/58
Back row (L to R): Eurof Davies, Byron Jones, Barrie Phillips, David Williams, Roger Parmee, Howard Davies,
Jimmy Tonner, Wynne Jones-Owen, Quentin Lewis, Tony Ackland
Front row (L to R): Martin Jones, Alan Dobbins, Billy Roach, Mr Morian Davies, Neville Davies, (?), Ken Lang,
Derek Jones,Robert Evans
Rugby XV 1957/58
Mr Davies, Billy Roach, Haydn Thomas, Howard Thomas, ? Brailey, Ken Lang, John Mathias, I Thomas, Quentin Lewis
Roger Parmee, Martin Jones, Gethin Thomas, Wyn Davies, David Rees, Eirwyn Richards, Gareth Daniel, Wynn Lewis
Alan Thomas, David Hawkins, Leighton Thomas, David Williams

Athletics Team 1958

Front Row: 1. Ken Hutin 2. Wynn Lewis 3. Ken Gale 4. DG 'Dai' Rees 8. Martin Jones 9. Gethin Thomas 10. John Mathias 11. Denis 'Denny Twp' Jenkins
Captain Dag Ellis is between Emlyn Evans & Wyndham Jones
Middle: 1. Peter Borthwick 2. David Williams 3. Alan Thomas 4. Alfie Jones 5. John Guy 6. Michael Vivian Thomas 8. Martin John 9. Trevor Nurse 10. Jonathon Edwards
Back: 1. Charlie Gwynn 3.Tony Small 4. Brian Llewellyn 6. Alan Boulton 7. Howard Rees 10. Brian Evans

Sports Day 1958
Victory 1 Mile: Alan Boulton
Rugby XV 1958/59
Mr Bill Bowen, Teifion Thomas, Ken Gale, Howard Thomas, Gordon Richards, Ken Lang, Alan Dobbins, Ieuan Evans, (?), Mr Gilbert Davies
Billy Roach, Wynn Lewis, Roger Parmee, Gareth Daniel, Eirwyn Richards, Mr John Harris, Martin Jones, Alan Thomas, David Williams
(?), (?), I Thomas, Leighton Thomas, Robert Evans

Gowerton Grammar School - Wales


Gowerton Boys Grammar School Cricket


Gowerton Boys Grammar School Rugby


Gowerton Boys Grammar School Football

Rugby 1st XV 1959/60
Mr Davies, Mr Bill Bowen, Elfryn Lewis, (?), (?), Ken Lang, Gordon Richards, Vernon Goddard, Billy Roach, (?)
Alan Dobbins, Leighton Thomas, Roger Parmee, Mr John Harris, Martin Jones, Wynn Lewis, Alan Thomas, (?)
(?), Robert Evans
Gowerton Rugby XV 1959/60
Rugby Team 1959/60
GBGS Athletics Team 1959/60
GBGS Rugby Team 1960

Back row: (?), (?), Ron Sugden, Howard Jones, Karl Jenkins, Peter Cameron, Ken Maddocks, Glyn Sutton, David John.
Middle row: Alan Young, John Guy, Gwyn Bayliss,.Gwyn Bayliss, Alun Rees, Alun Jones, Michael Vivian Thomas,Roger Mitchell,
Geoff Nicholls, David Lovegrove, Roy Morris, Brian Yelland, Gareth Jones, Peter Borthwick.
Front row: Mr Wyndham Jones, Dewi Griffiths, Martin Jones, Howard Rees, Norman Alden, Richard Jones, Brian Evans, Mr Emlyn Evans.

Norman Gale 1960
Norman Gale 1960
GBGS First XV Rugby Team 1960/61
GBGS School 1XV 1960/61
GBGS Cricket Team 1961
Back row (L to R): Gwyn Jenkins, David Murfin, David Jones, John Burns, Michael V. Thomas,
Gerald Johns
Front row: James Francis, John Landsdowne, Mr Bill Bowen, Robert Evans, Alan Dobbins,
Lindsay Evans, Dewi Griffiths
Rugby Team 1961/62
Rugby Team 1961/62
GBGS Cricket Team 1962
Back row (L to R): Leo Harding, William Johns, David Murfin, John Coles, Stuart Gronow, Anthony Fuge
Peter Williams, Geraint Davies
Front row (L to R): Gwyn Jenkins, John Ellis, Mr Bill Bowen, Dewi Griffiths, James Francis, John Burns,
Wynford Jones
On ground: Anthony Richards(left), Anthony Davies (right)
GBGS v Llanelli 1962
GBGS School Soccer Team 1962
Form 5: Cross Country Race 1962
(L to R): Owen Davies, Cyril Jones, (?), Cyril Davies, Kevin Higgins (kneeling), Ashley Jones,
Anthony John, Robert Pardoe (head only), Glyn Hammond
Cross Country Race 1962
Ashley Jones
Mr J. Evan Williams and Form 3A 1962/63
Form 3A 1962/63
Back Row: Jeffrey Jones, Huw Thomas, Hywel Davies, Michael Evans, Peter Kokelaar, Geoffrey Thomas, Peter Guy.
Seated: Leighton Davies, Haydn Jones, John Powell, Anthony Richards, Keith Walters, Andrew Rees, Dewi Thomas.
Seated on the ground: Peter Thomas, Eric Jones.
1962/63 Cennydd Junior House Rugby Winners
Back Row: Stephen Taylor, Dickie Gordon, Lynn Humphreys, Anthony Francis, Tom Evans, Denis Morgan, Lyndsey Davies
Middle Row: Arwyn Herbert, Hywel Gravelle, Colin Jones, Richard Davies, Dilwyn Tanner
Front Row: Alex Reid, Huw Jones, Leighton Thomas, Barry Davies

1962/63 First Six Winners, Junior House Cross Country
Back Row: Alex Reid, Peter Thomas, Nicholas Davies, Peter Kokelaar, Colin Jones
Seated: Stuart Matthews
1962/63 Athletics Team
Back Row: Keith Walters, Nicholas Davies, Glynn Davies, Leighton Smith, Hywel Davies, John Tanner, Jeff Evans, Robert Gardner, Roger Tozer,
Roger Banfield, Noel Rees, Hywel Gravelle, Peter Williams, Ashley Williams
Seated: ?, Peter Kokelaar, Michael Prideaux, Howard Jones, Karl Jenkins, Mr Emlyn Evans, Peter Cameron, Mr Wyndham Jones, Paul Maddocks,
David Richards, Glynn Sutton, Dyfed Thomas, Huw Bevan
Seated on ground: Colin Jones, Alan Marsh, Alastair Gibb, Cliff Hughes, Raymond Fuge, Paul Dummer, Alex Reid, John Thomas, Peter Harding,
Roger Davies, Dilwyn Tanner.
Relay team 1963
Alan Rees, Karl Jenkins, Peter Cameron, Howard Jones
Cross Country 1963
John Morris, Howard Jones, Dyfed Thomas, Julian Davies, Glen George
Sports Day 1963

Howard Jones with the Lyndon Thomas (100 yds) Cup
together with the Victor Ludorum Cup for the 220 yds, triple jump and high jump

Form 2 Rugby Team 1963/64
Back Row: Mr Ken Pugh, Huw Jones, Michael Rees, Kelvin Evans, Lynn Humphries, Phil Nash, Paul Dummer, Leighton Thomas
Seated: Alun Lewis, Stuart Matthews, Ian Evans, Alex Reid, Graham Thorne, Richard Davies, Ray Fuge
Seated on the ground: Dickie Gordon, Kelvin Williams
Llwchwr Schools Third Rugby Sevens Champions 1964/65
Back Row: Richard Davies, Alex Reid, Lynn Humphries, Alun Lewis
Front Row: Raymond Fuge, John James, Mr Ken Pugh, Phil Naish
Cricket Team 1966
Back Row: Hywel Griffiths, Brian Jones, Colin Hoppe, John Davies, Hywel Gravelle, Colin Tucker,
Hugh Davies, Glynn Davies, David Sylvester
Front Row: Mr K Thomas, Matthew Davies, John Powell, Mr B Bowen, John Vaughan, Colbert Shepherd
Anthony Richards, Wynford Jones, Mr. D. Gealey
Iestyn Lewis and Robert Evans with GBGS Rugby Team 1966/67
Rugby Team 1966/67
Mr Iestyn Lewis, Wynford Griffiths, Glynn Davies, Royston Morgan, Huw Carlisle, David Sylvester, Clement Lewis, Mr Robert Evans.
Hywel Gravelle, John Newcombe, John Powell, John Vaughan, Anthony Richards, Huw Bevan, Adrian Leah.
David Griffiths, Ken Morgan, Wynne Lewis, Keith Walters.
GBGS Rugby 2nd XV 1966/67

Back Row: Mr Iestyn Lewis, Roger Davies, Jeff Jones, Jocelyn John, Clem Malcolmson, Phil Naish, John Thomas, Alun Lewis
Middle Row: Chris Davies, Alan John, Royston Morgan, Wynne Lewis, David Rowlands, Lyndsey Davies, Aston Davies
Front Row: Dilwyn Tanner, Wynford Morgan

GBGS Rugby First XV 1967/68
Back Row: Eric Lewis, Wynne Lewis, Alan John, Dickie Gordon, Lindsey Davies, David Rowlands
Middle Row: Mr Iestyn Lewis, Wiliam Arnold, Brian Jones, Tim Jones, Royston Morgan, Alex Reid, Mr Robert Evans
Front Row: Clem Lewis, Huw Carlisle, Hywel Gravelle, Adrian Leahy, Ken Morgan, Wynford Griffiths
Seated: David Hansen

GBGS Rugby Second XV 1967/68

Back Row: Mr I. Lewis, Rowan Guy, Graham Thorne, Keith Phillips, Stewart Williams, Mervyn Read, Huw Jones.
Middle Row: Alun Lewis, Aston Davies, ? , Brian Hughes, Lynn Humphreys, Roger Davies, Martin Hurdidge, Ray Fuge, Mr. R. Evans, Chris Davies.
Front Row: Alan Rosser, Eric Lewis, John Thomas, Royston Morgan, Phil Naish, Kelvin Evans.

GBGS Year 3 Rugby Team 1967/68
Back Row: Mr Rob Evans, Charlie Hopkins, Dai Clarke, Peter Davies, Richard Tippins, Huw Gwyther, Phil Williams, (?), (?)
Middle Row: Kevin Wilson, Gary Richards, Eric Lewis, Colin Matthews, Clive Griffiths, Clive Hayward
Front Row: Nigel Cridland, Robert Lewis
GBGS Rugby First XV 1968/69

Back Row: Alun Lewis, Brian Hughes, Richard Davies, Roger Davies
Middle Row: Mr Robert Evans, Phil Naish, Royston Morgan, Colin Mathias, Rowan Guy, Clive Lewis, Alan Jenkins, Stewart Williams
Front Row: Lindsey Davies, Brian Jones, Alex Reid, Hywel Gravelle, Alan John, Dickie Gordon, Tim Jones

GBGS v Ystalyfera GS Final Rugby Fixture 1968/69
GBGS West Wales Rugby Sevens Champions 1968/69
Back Row: Dickie Gordon, Tim Jones, Stewart Williams
Front Row: Alan John, Hywel Gravelle, Alex Reid, Lindsey Davies
Boys v Girls Hockey Match 1969
Back Row: Elizabeth Richards, Phil Nash, Royston Morgan, Dickie Gordon, Brian Jones, Owen Morgan, Margaret Jones
Front Row: Colin Duncan, Lyndsey Davies, Alan John, Hywel Gravelle, Ian Evans
GBGS Cricket Team 1969
Back Row: Alan John, William Owen, Alan Grey, Richard Parker, David Shaw, Lindsey Davies
Front Row: Kelvin Evans, John Richards, Martin Hurdidge, Brian Jones, Hywel Gravelle, Huw Arrowsmith
School Rugby Team 1969/70

Back row: Mr. R. Evans, Colin Mathias, Lester Williams, Tudor David, Richard Parker,
Middle row: Rowan Guy, Brian Heard, Powys Rowlands, Wynford Thomas, Brian Hughes, Clem Davies, Eric Evans, Wyn Thomas, Brian Jones,
Front row: Kevin Wilson, Phil Tucker, Stewart Williams, Phil Naish, Tim Jones, Mr. A. Daniel, Alex Reid, Clive Griffiths, Roland Hedges, Clive West.

Rugby Team 1969
Back Row: (?), Peter Beaton, Mark Lloyd, (?), (?), Leonard Stevens, Andy Williams, Ian Smith, Gareth Jones
Middle Row: (?),(?),(?), Rowland Davies, John Mitchell Davies, (?), (?), (?)
Front Row: Nigel James, Gwyn Thomas, Dyfrig Williams, Rowland Dunn
Rugby Team Under14s 1969/70

Back row: M. Easter, P. Luxton, J. Stanford
Middle row: A. Hire, S. Richards, R. Williams, J. Day, R. Merks, L. Richards, G. Newcombe, D. Howells, J. Williams, C. Davies.
Sitting: C. Davies, S. Morris, R. Hopkins, J. Rees, V. Williams, M. Wise, L. Evans, G. Banfield, M. West, G. Evans

Rugby Team Under 15s 1969/70
Llwchwr Schools Cricket Six Champions 1970
Michael Crocker, Chris Chrome, Alan Grey, Brian Jones, John Richards, Ian Evans
GBGS Rugby Team 1970/71
Back Row: W Walters (ref), H Evans, Ian Davies, J Harrop-Griffiths, L Williams, John Richards, E Harry, Powis Rowlands, Richard Lewis
Middle Row: C Davies, K Wilson, Tim Jones (capt), C Mathias, Eric Evans, Dai Foote
Front Row: Clive West, Clive Griffiths.

Rugby Team 1970/71
Back Row: (?), David Humphreys, Paul Davies
Middle Row: Andy Williams, Michael Jones, Leonard Stevens, Gwyn Ebenezer, Ian Smith, Mark Lloyd, Gwyn Thomas, Gareth Jones
Front Row: Dyfrig Williams, Rowland Dunn, Rowland Davies, John Mitchell Davies, Mr A.B.Daniels, John Richards, (?)

GBGS Form 2 Rugby Team 1971/72
Back row: Stephen (Tebo) Jones, Andrew Dyer, Jeff Evans, Andy Tyrrell, Gareth (Nags) Roberts, Carlo Deias, (?), Dai Morris, Paul Howells
Middle row: Andy Reid, Meurig Jones, Jonathan Warne, Russell Hayward, Andy Lamnea (Captain), Chris Hope, Martin Austin,
Michael (Spike) James, Steve Morris
Front row: Gareth Williams and Bleddyn Taylor
GBGS Rugby Team 1972/73
GBGS Form 4 Rugby Team 1972/73
Back row: Andrew Chalkey, Mark Lloyd, Gwyn Ebeneezer, John Mitchell Davies, Rowland Davies, Andy Douglas
Middle Row: (?), Haydn Bates, David Humphreys, Andy Williams, Lyndon Bowen, (?)
Leonard Stevens, John Richards, Dyfrig Williams, Gwyn Thomas
GBGS Form 4 Cricket Team 1972/73
Back Row: Mark Lloyd, Keith John, (?), Justin Thomas, John Richards, Steve Gwynn
Front Row: Gareth Williams, Mike Northcott, John Mitchell Davies, David Jones, (?)
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